Angstrom-Ionic IODINE
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It is one of the most vital of the biochemical elements, and has one of the highest vibratory frequency rates of all the elements.  It mainly affects the thyroid, which not only controls many important functions in the body, but also keeps us in a quickened state of health.  Iodine restores heat and assists calcium in the repair and building of tissue in the body.  Iodine is stored mostly in the thyroid, and in smaller amounts, in the muscles, skin, and bones.


The thyroid gland secretes iodine.  Hormones produced by the thyroid regulate and control the metabolism of the body, increasing the assimilation of salts.  They also control digestion, heart rate, body temperature, nervous system, reproductive system and body weight.  Iodine protects the brain by destroying harmful toxins and helps neutralize toxins in the rest of the body.  It aids the assimilation of calcium and silica. Skin problems such as dry or scaly skin are indicative of an iodine deficiency.  A regular elevation intake of iodine would be required to produce iodine toxicity.  Allergic reactions to iodine occur occasionally, manifesting as skin rashes or ache.


Some symptoms of an iodine deficiency:





Hormonal imbalance

Cretinism lethargy

Hyper and Hypo-thyroidism




Scaly or dry skin


Sterility or infertility



Natural sources:  seafood, kelp, eggs, papayas, mango, pineapple.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: In the event of a nuclear fall out, or reactor leak, it has been recommended you take, Iodine and potassium to prevent thyroid cancer. The thyroid is like a sponge to radiation, which is a cause to thyroid cancer.

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Angstrom-Ionic IODINE

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