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Sodium has a pronounced and positive effect on urine, kidney and liver acidity. When we consume excessive fatty, starchy foods (lard, meat, potatoes and margarine) they are metabolized into acetic, buturic, lactic and other fatty acids that are neutralized by sodium. When sodium is deficient fatty acids begin producing gastric fermentation. Intake of these fatty, acidic foods they precipitate sodium and potassium until they are depleted which results in indigestion, fermentation, and other complications. Calcium metabolism depends on sodium to keep it in solution. The bile, intestinal secretions, spleen, blood, gastric secretions, muscles, liver, brain, blood corpuscles, fibrous tissue, cartilage, synovia, blood serum, and almost all body fluids and solids require sodium.

Sodium is precipitated from the body on a daily basis by an acidifying diet, excess water consumption and hot, humid weather. Other activities that precipitate sodium are extreme physical labor, sauna baths, excitement, passion, sweating, self-abuse and pregnancy.

When sodium is lacking in the body, the symptoms of deficiency are wide and varied:
Loss of athletic skills, bone joints crack, numb feet and legs, calves cramp, flatulence, mouth ulcers, germ life flourishes, toxins compound, bacterial and parasitic life flourish, itching, tendons become tight, spleen inflammation, sore and enlarged liver, candidiasis, faulty bile secretions, stone formation, calcium deposits, sluggish bowel, poor hearing, chronic rheumatism, oxygen deficiency, hiccough, nausea, belching, morning sickness, chronic salivation, and gallstones.
 When sodium is totally exhausted then sodium hunger or starvation occurs resulting in delayed digestion, vomiting in infants, gout or rheumatism becomes increasingly chronic in nature, frontal headaches, bloating, poor vision, nasal passages become chronically congested with catarrh, susceptible to drafts, sense of smell becomes faulty, mental confusion, complexion becomes mottled, daytime drowsiness, dry skin, icy feet, hydrochloric acid is deficient, depression after eating, coated tongue and agitated nerves. This is only a partial list of the symptoms and effects of sodium deficiency and hunger.
                 After researching the subject it is apparent that sodium is essential to our health and most of us are sodium deficient due to our overly acidifying diet and lack of nutrient rich foods. Do not confuse sodium with salt as salt is a inorganic bond of chlorine and sodium (sodium chloride) that is an unusable form that is viewed by the body as a toxin. A study was conducted proving that if you consume 1500 mg of salt you will excrete 1500 mg of salt; none of it can be used for any beneficial purpose.
Sodium functions in the body:
·    Increases osmosis
·    Helps with excretion of carbon dioxide
·    Counters acidity
·    Essential in the digestive buffering system
·    Needed by pancreas, spleen, and liver
·    Stored in the stomach walls, joints, and gallbladder
·    Prevents blood clotting
·    Active in the organs, connective tissues and bodily fluids

Some symptoms of Sodium deficiency:
    Bad breath            Dry skin
    Bloating                Fatigue
    Catarrh                  Flatus
    Confusion              Gout
    Cracking joints        Poor vision
    Digestive problems  Stiff tendons

         Natural sources; Apricots, asparagus, barley, beets and greens, red cabbage, carrots, celery, dates, egg yolks, fish, goats milk, kale, lentils, nuts, dried peas, prunes, radishes, raisins, sesame and sunflower seeds, strawberries, turnips, whey.

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Angstrom Sodium

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