Germanium is one of the most dynamic new discoveries in the realm of trace elements necessary for optimum nutritional health.  Germanium raises the level of activity of various organs (facilitates oxygen uptake) and helps to expel harmful pollutants and arrest germ activity.  Germanium serves as an electrical semiconductor, helping correct distortions in the electrical fields of the body.  Germanium is still being researched for all its possible supplementary applications.  Poor immune system, low energy and cancer indicate germanium deficiencies.  It is believed to act as an anti-cancer agent and is effective for viral, bacterial and fungal infections.


Below are some symptoms of a germanium deficiency:





Cancer (breast, lung, bladder)


Cardiac insufficiency


Hepatic cirrhosis

Softening of brain tissue

Hypertension neurotic disorders




Natural sources:  garlic, ginseng, aloe vera, comfrey, all chlorophyll rich roods, shiitake mushrooms, and healing herbs

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