Black Walnut Hull Tinture
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For further information on the benefits of Black Walnut Hull Tincture, please refer to the studies listed below. The below studies concern the varieties of pathogenic intestinal parasites that occur regularly throughout the United States.

DISCLAIMER: These references are for general information only and are not to be used to cure or treat any diseases. Any information regarding treatments for disease is not adopted or endorsed by Dr. Clark Store. We do not offer Black Walnut Hull Tincture for sale with the intent that be used to treat disease, but rather for its beneficial effect on the normal functioning of the body. We provide as much information as we can on Black Walnut Hull Tincture so that you may make a fully informed decision.

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The forgoing statements concerning the above herb and its properties are provided for the purpose of education and information only. The herb itself has not been subjected to the testing required by the US Government and is not clinically proven to cure or treat a disease of any kind.



Dietary Supplement
Ingredients: Water, grain alcohol, green black walnut hulls, Dropper is included.
- High Juglone Content
- Tincture Always Arrives Green
- Minimum Exposure To Oxygen
- Fresh Batches Made Every 4 Months
- 30 Day Satisfaction Promise
- 100% Money-back Guarantee
- Highest Hull to Solvent Ratio


  • Manufacturer: self health resource center

Black Walnut Hull Tinture

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