Dual Action ProstaCell
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Formulated by Dr. Aaron Katz, Director of Holistic Urology at Columbia University, Dual-Action ProstaCell® features some of the world’s most researched natural ingredients for supporting prostate health. * ProstaCell has two main modes of action:

Protects prostate cells. * Epidemiological research indicates that vitamins D and E, selenium and plant-derived isoflavones protect the DNA of prostate cells from hormone-associated changes.

Supports a strong urinary flow.* Human clinical research has shown that saw palmetto, stinging nettles and pygeum reduce frequency and urgency of urination, while increasing urinary flow.

Dual Action ProstaCell blends Vitamin E & D3, Green Tea, Selenium, Saw Palmetto, Red Clover, Pomegranate, Pygeum, and Nettle Root into a unique complex that supports prostate health.*Green Tea acts as powerful anti-oxidants fighting the formation of free radicals in the body while Saw Palmetto and Vitamin E are universally noted for their important role in maintaining prostate health. To round out the complex, Selenium was added since “some scientific evidence suggests that the consumption of Selenium may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer. However, the FDA has determined that this evidence is limited and not conclusive.”

  • Devised by Dr. Aaron Katz, Dual Action ProstaCell is a unique, all natural blend of nine ingredients designed to support prostate health. *
  • Core anti-oxidants Vitamin E, Green Tea and Selenium as Selenomethionine work to stabilize free radicals, making cells less vulnerable to attack.*
  • Saw Palmetto supports the health and size of the prostate gland and protects it from the ill effects of testosterone.*
  • Working in synergy, these ingredients actively combine to maintain a healthy prostate.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Manufacturer: Quality of Life Labs

Dual Action ProstaCell

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