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The True Scientific Facts On How To Kill A Virus

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The information contained in this book, is based on facts, logic, and has been used by many different types of people, with success. There is one protocol in the book which I didn’t get a 100% clear response from, but it does hold an 85% rating. This is still not entirely proven, so I put it in at the last minute. This is about Acne. The science and protocol is in the book, and in less than one week, you will notice a great response.

Protocols that I have developed are all based on true science and by historians whose work was never entered into the medical field or has even been mentioned in text books. After putting these great scientific abstracts and proven findings together, I have found answers to over 85 well known, “so called” diseases. You will see without a doubt, that 100% of this book makes clear and very sound logic. You will also see that I do not call a disease, a disease, but a metabolical dysfunction of the liver. Please read this statement carefully.

"The liver, its marvels and miracles, is one of the best kept secrets of the healing professions. Our livers are the laboratories of almost everything in our living. It is the greatest of all living organs. No other organ plays such an enormous role in health and healing. Perfect livers prevent, cure, or are necessary agents of curing of all diseases. No chronic or degenerative type of disease can exist for any length of time, when livers function perfectly."
~ Your LIVER, Laboratory of Living, Leo Roy, M.D., N.D. ~
There is no alternative, Holistic, or Medical treatment that will cure the body correctly. All we can do is hope to feed the body what it needs, so that it can heal itself. This is a cut and dry statement, and straight to the point. All treatments address the symptom, but not the cause. I directly approach the cause. Unless the cause is addressed first, you will not be able to heal the body fully or correctly. I also realize there are going to be some that try to discredit this book, but before you do, make sure you know what you are saying, because medical science cannot stand up to proven, true, scientific abstracts. They have to be proven before published. Here is one positive, but sad thought and we buy into this! Why would a large percentage of the drug commercials, all state in there disclaimer; IF YOU HAVE A LIVER PROBLEM OR LIVER DISEASE, THIS DRUG MAY NOT BE FOR YOU? Now go back up and read the liver statement.
Now think, and learn to ask questions. Questions like: why would you give me a drug to stop an important body function? Or why would you give me a drug to lower my so called bad cholesterol, even though John Hopkins study stated that 58% of the people on a cholesterol lowering drug, died from heart disease. HMMMM, seems to me, the LDL isn’t the risk factor to the disease, but it might just be the drug itself causing the problems, or the drastic loss of badly needed cholesterol and the production of hormones and other glandular functions that the body needs to do daily. I give you the answers in this book. They are sound. They show logic and they are factual. This section is very good!
What is a virus? It is known as an intracellular parasite. Ok, I know your thinking; a parasite, those are big aren’t they? NO! These little critters can be 100 times smaller than a UV-ray light. That’s small. The science on it would state that they are 100 times smaller than 10 negative 8 on the nanometer scale. This means; look at the tip of a needle, they are close to 1million times smaller than that. This sort of parasite can enter the nasal area or the ears of the body very easily.
There are many articles that have been written about maintaining a high PH of the body. The body tries to maintain a 7.32 PH, 24 hours 7 days a week. Many articles have been written and hundreds of good abstracts to prove, a virus can be killed, along with cancer, by maintaining a higher PH. Those of you with swimming pools and hot tubs realize the importance of a balanced PH of the water before entering it, correct? It is very dangerous to enter water that isn’t maintained correctly, because bacteria can grow very easily in the water and make you ill. The exact same principals apply with the body, cut and dry. When you’re body is running a lower PH, your body is susceptible to any bad bacteria or virus. This takes place at any PH under 6.8; not very far from an ideal PH of 7.32?
Many of you have let yourselves go, and I’m not just talking about those of you that carry the pouch of undigested foods and are obese. Those of you who are very thin and can’t gain any weight have the same problems, and in most cases even worse. Your bodies are fighting everyday to raise your PH to normal and it is stealing from where ever it has to, to try to get it your PH up there, and hold it there. It will steal from your bones for Calcium, which has a PH of 12, or Potassium which has a PH of 15, or lastly, your Magnesium which has a PH of 9. As you let yourselves go further, you start hearing from your doctor, “your bone density is low, your potassium water balance is off, or your breathing is heavier, because you’re lacking in Magnesium. But the one they forget to tell you is, your LDL (Low Density Lipid), the so called “bad cholesterol,” is high. This is because the body is using it to clean the toxins and acids out of your blood, and then stores it as fat. That’s just one of its jobs; it isn’t trying to hurt you, but help save your life. If you try to spike your PH, it may help for a little bit, but it will drop just as fast as you bring it up. You take the risk of hurting your most vital organs, so take caution! Playing around with these theories can be just as harmful as taking a drug to sooth a symptom, or play with the electronics of the central nervous system to kill pain.
I have found, and have tried, the science that will kill any virus; some viruses are more difficult to kill than others depending on the length of time it has taken to really get settled into your fat and tissues. The flu virus, cold virus, and even anthrax can be killed very quickly, regardless of your current health condition. All the well known viruses are contained in this book and herpes simplex virus has been added. I figured this one out when my daughter contracted simplex A and B. It works every time, for everyone. But remember the longer you have had it, the longer it will take to kill it. A note for you critics, it has nothing to do with a parasite cleanse because they don’t work with this virus. You’re really going to like this one, because it is so simple! I’ve been studying viruses for almost 22 years now and they are not that hard to kill.

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